Excerpt from Second Sermon (Haze) – Friday, 21 June 2013

Let us increase our istighfar, in the hope that God will forgive us of our sins. Let us not stop making istighfar, in the hope that we may be protected from any harm and punishments from Allah.

Let us continue making istighfar, in the hope that Allah will ease all our affairs. And let us persevere in our istighfar, in the hope that Allah will bless us with His sustenance and send abundant rain upon us, and keep us safe from harm and dangerMay Allah bless us all with good health, prosperity and safety, and protect us from calamities and disasters…

Ya Allah, You are our Lord, There are no other gods except You. You have created us and we are Your servants, and we will always be at Your disposal, and we are bound to Your covenant and promises that are within our capacities. 

We seek Your refuge and protection against the evil that we have commited. We acknowledge your vast sustenance that You have bestowed upon us in every moment of our life, in spite of us being sinful to You. We plead that you may extend Your forgiveness for all of us. Indeed, there is no one to forgive our mistakes except for You.

Ya Allah, we also seek Your protection from any calamities, environmental degradation and harmful weather that may affect our prosperity.

Ya Allah, we seek the best of this day, the goodness in the beginning, its assistance, its light, its blessings and its guidance. And we seek Your refuge from any harmful things within this day and from any harmful things after it.

Ya Allah, make the beginning of today a good one for us, and the middle of today a success and its ending as our victory. Ya Arhamar Rahimin.

Ya Allah help us, Ya Allah help us, Ya Allah help us all, Ya Allah. Ya Arhamar Rahimin.

Ya Allah, bestow on us abundant rain that would refresh our bodies and make our plants grow; rain that will provide benefits to us and not harmful to us. We plead that we will be given the rain immediately and may it not be delayed.



Sources – Office of the Mufti, Muis. |

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