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Marriage Issues

“Having a counselling session with Ustaz Yusri really benefits me a lot. Ustaz Yusri’s advices are very insightful and full of wisdom. After going through counselling session with him, I really tried my best to practise his advices and suggestions. The outcome turns out to be good and the relationship between me and my husband has improved a lot. Thank you very much Ustaz for your very insightful advices.”


“Service given was more than satisfactory. He answered promptly to the issues faced. Additionally he is knowledgeable and very experience in handling the counselling session. Received several tips on self improvment in becoming a better life partner. InsyaAllah.”


LGBT Issues

“Thank you to Ustaz Yusri for the counselling session. It was great to be able to discuss and your advices are really valuable. Definitely you had made the session great as you were able to listen and understand and relate the problems I am facing. It was made easier by your approachable engagements.

Thanks you so much and only Allah can reward you…”