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Our featured blogger this week is none other than the smiley Ustaz Yusri Yubhi! Don’t be surprised if you find him familiar & can’t remember where you might have seen him. You were probably present when he was performing his duties as a Kadi for your relatives or friends heh heh.

The Executive Imam of Masjid al-Falah is young & highly approachable. His writing style is easy to comprehend, straight to the point, and to the heart & mind too. Much can be learnt from visiting his blog where he details his experiences at work as a Kadi, an educator & as a counsellor. Yes, you read that right. His wide range of experience & learning & especially his niche as a counsellor has made him more approachable & welcoming.His posts are comforting, funny & yet are filled with valuable lessons.

He also peppers them with pictures to make it more visually attractive & has a tagboard for you to send your greetings. He has also commented on our post on Ayat-ayat Cinta to clarify certain issues & we are greatly thankful to him for his time & expertise! Thank you Ustaz!

Don’t forget to drop by and tell him you’re reading him!

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